How to Apply for the World Wildlife Fund BankAmericard Credit Card

Getting to own a Defenders of Wildlife Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card is more than just having the privilege to get the official logo on your card, as proof of your enthusiasm to help save wildlife and their natural habitats. You will also get to lavish benefits from its offered features. Some of them include:

  • Get a cash rewards bonus of $100 after you make a minimum total amount of purchases of $500 in your first 90 days of use.
  • Receive unlimited dollar cash back on all of your credit card purchases.
  • Get 2% cash back at all grocery shops and 3% for gas. These two bonus rewards also apply to the initial $1,500 in mixed purchases in these two categories for each quarter.


How to Apply

There are 4 available methods to begin your application for a Defenders of Wildlife Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card:


To start your application for this credit card via phone, just simply call Tel: 1-800-932-2775. Expect a service representative to assist you on the other line. Do not forget to mention priority code: VACFDW.


Check out the nearest branch of the Bank America financial centers where you are. Visit this link ( to guide you with their list of locations.

BY MAIL                     

Send your inquiries at:

Bank of America
PO Box 2493
Norfolk, VA 23501-2493

Apply online

If you choose to apply conveniently online, first proceed to this link ( This is where you will find all the other relevant information you need to know about the credit card including the features, benefits, interest rates and fees.

Proceed to the Start Application tab and complete all the needed fields with your personal information on the first part.

Application tab

The second part of the application form will require you to render more information about your current job, employment status and your income.


The last part of the application form discusses the Terms and Conditions of the credit card service, which is a must for any applicant to read through carefully before proceeding. This is where all the rates, fees and other cost information are laid out and explained for the future account holder to take note of.

Lastly, just click on Continue to proceed on the submission of your application form.


Your Defenders of Wildlife Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card is automatically activated and ready for use once you receive it.

  1. Expect your credit card to get to you after around 7 to 10 business days, if approved.
  2. You can also go to the nearest Bank of America branch where you can pick up your approved credit card.
  3. You can also enroll for their online banking system and check out the activation of your credit card after receiving it. Sign in here: .
  4. Call up their Credit Card Customer service, which is available 24/7 at  Tel: 800.276.9939. Call Tel: 1.800.732.9194 for lost or stolen credit cards.

You can also check out your credit card application status online by visiting this link ( and placing in several required information from you.

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