How to Apply for the Exxon-Mobil Business Credit Card

Being able to stretch out one’s finances is one important factor that every business owner considers for their business to succeed. Apart from that, it’s also important for business to expand its functionality to minimize cost of operations. Exxon Mobil Business Credit Card, which is powered by Citibank, helps its cardholders do just that, thanks to the numerous benefits that it offers like:

The benefits and rewards are constantly updated too. Most of the time cardholders also get a chance to avail of freebies. The benefits above are available to all the Exxon Mobil Business Credit Card users and applying for the card is never really that complicated at all. The primary criteria to avail of the card is to be an American Resident, and to be 18 years old and above.

IMPORTANT: You must be an authorized officer of the business for you to submit the application on behalf of you business, meaning one who has been empowered formally to conduct business or enter into borrowing arrangements on behalf of the company. They are the General Manager, Owner, General Partner, President/CEO, Vice President or Treasurer.

Apart from that, you would also need to meet one of the following criteria if you are to apply for an account with only Business liability:

  • Must have a corporation with more than $1 million annual sales
  • Must be a government entity
  • Must be a Non-Profit Organization


You might also want to know about the details of the card before continuing your application. You may click here( for the terms and condition page. In summary, you would get to read about these:

  • 00% variable APR
  • $20.00 or 2.50% of the account balance penalty fee for late payments
  • How to compute for the interest rate
  • Minimum finance charge of $2.99

How to Apply

Most of the terms and are very much standard but it does pay to know what you are getting yourself into.

If you are able to satisfy the criteria and you’re amenable with the terms and condition, then you may proceed to the application. There are two ways on which you can do that, by applying through phone and online.

ONLINE Exxon-Mobil Business Credit Card Application

For the first way, which is applying online, after you click the link you will see the sign application page:

On that page you will see a form that has five parts. Answer all the parts truthfully and carefully to avoid any mix-up in the future.

five parts


APPLY  to Exxon-Mobil Business Card THROUGH PHONE

You can apply through the phone most especially if you only have a business liability. Dial  Tel: 866 544-3086, from Monday to Friday starting from 9:00am to 7:00pm ET for you to be able to apply.


After you have received your card, don’t forget to activate it. You can readily do this through your online access or, you could just call their customer service number Tel: 1.800.903.9966 for them to do the activation for you.