How to Apply for the Ashley Stewart credit card

The Ashley Stewart Credit Card really serves its cardholders well because of the exclusive perks that one could get. Being fashionable doesn’t need to be that expensive because you would be able to avail of special discounts and even freebies every time you use your card. Other than that, there are more benefits like:

Have more convenient monthly payments

Being a plus size could mean difficulty in finding a trusty shop that could provide you with the hippest fashion trend around, so once you are able to find one, make sure you make the most out of your shopping experience with them. One way to do that is to avail of Ashley Stewart’s own line of credit card.

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply for an Ashley Stewart Credit Card:

  1. By phone. Call Customer Support at Tel: 1-800-376-0581, and they will be able to assist you. You need to provide the details they request to process your application.
  2. Online.Click on this link ( you to be diverted to the application page. You will be tasked to fill out the six part form. In the first part, the basic contact information would be asked from you. This part would be followed by the address, income and then the authorized buyer information




There are additional instructions for every part of the form. It is best to read through them carefully for you to be informed well about the terms and the other important information about opening an account.


The last segment of the form would be about the electronic consent. This would contain details about the financial terms of your account, and other pertinent information about your account. You have the option to print out this part of the form. Just click on the “print a copy” link at the beginning of the electronic consent.

this part

After filling out the form, reading through the terms and condition, and checking the permission box, you may proceed to click the “SUBMIT NOW” button.

If you do not get immediate approval, wait a few days and you will be informed if your application has been approved or not. You will also receive your card in the mail.

How to Activate Your Ashley Stewart Card?

After you have received your card, don’t forget to activate it. You can readily do this through your online access or, you could just call their customer service number Tel: 1-800-376-0581 for them to do the activation for you.